Parents, students outraged over Snapchat photo


Students at Heritage High School are buzzing about a photo spread across social media.

The photo depicts a racist comment and many said it isn't welcome at the school.

"I was appalled. I was hurt. I was offended," said Shawn Collins, parent.

Collins' daughter is a junior at Heritage in Saginaw. Collins is upset about the image her daughter brought to her attention this week.

The Snapchat photo was shared among students at the school. The photo is of a teenager with black drawn on his face and the caption "'No!' - rosa parks."

"It's offensive because people feel it's OK. People feel it's OK to joke about things like this cause it's a racial issue. And the school is a mixed school, but it's predominantly white. So then I have to fear for my daughter's safety," Collins said.

Collins is not alone. Outrage over the photo spread throughout the school and caught the attention of the Saginaw NAACP Youth Council.

Daniel Webster, president of the group, said this kind of image is not acceptable anywhere.

"So I guess he knew that the picture was bad because he's saying Rosa Parks would say no to it. But yet he still posted it. So I feel he was trying to make a statement and we want to say that's not OK," Webster said.

TV5 reached out to the superintendent of Saginaw Township Schools. He said the student in the photo has been identified and was disciplined.

Webster said he wishes the school districts would take harsher action against racism in the schools.

"I want them to take that away from the schools and have a set point of what's going to happen if you involve yourself in racial actions," Webster said.

As for Collins, she said she is glad to see the student was disciplined. She hopes this doesn't spark any more racist comments.

"I know there will be other incidents. I do hope it brings along dialog so people can try to understand how what one says is funny is offensive to someone else," Collins said.

Many students also dressed in all black on Friday at the school as a display of taking a stand against racism.

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