Image: Patty Flemings Irish Pub

Fire damaged a popular bar in Saginaw County forcing it to close.

Patty Flemings Irish Pub caught fire early on Saturday, October 26.

The owner said they’re working to fix the damage while taking care of their employees as well.

Jason Webb, the co-owner said he was shocked when he learned about the fire.

Webb said there is extensive water damage from the fire that started near an electrical box just below the roof.

He said they are working hard to get the establishment reopened.

“Putting all the pieces together. Making sure we got a proper plan in place to get this backup and running and get our employees back to work as soon as possible,” Webb said.

At the moment, Webb said his biggest worry centers around his employees. He said he’s exploring all options to try and find them temporary work at other places.

“We’re going into the holidays. A lot of concern to a lot of the employees. So we’re going to do whatever we can to get them back to work as quick as possible,” Webb said.

There is no word on when the business will reopen.

“It’s still pretty unsure. A lot of speculation right now because we got to put a good team together to get this back turned around as quick as possible. We are going to be reaching out to the township. We got to work really closely with the township to make sure they’re on board and understand how critical this is, getting our employees back on board and reopening,” Webb said.

While Webb doesn’t know when he’ll reopen, he does know he will reopen. He said the day will be a very good.

“It’s going to feel great. It should work out great for the employees, great for the business itself, community. It will look and feel brand new pretty much,” Webb said.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

If you would like to donate to support their employees, click here.

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