People across MI search for remnants of meteor

(Source: Mike Austin)

A bright flash Tuesday night was the talk of the town as people across the state watched in awe, wondering what on earth they just witnessed.

That light was a meteor entering the atmosphere over southeast Michigan.

Reports suggest pieces of the meteor made it to the ground. It has sent many out on a treasure hunt hoping to snag a piece of the space rock for themselves.

"I'd like to find it myself, get the $1 million because everybody says it's worth $1 million, but we'll see," said Chris Esch, meteor hunter.

There were rumors the meteor may have left remnants on Alison Bradke's father's property off of 26 mile in Macomb County. The problem is it's private property.

"Then we had quite a few people out here looking around, trespassing on the property," Bradke said.

They chased meteorite crazed people away all day on Jan. 17.

Experts said the hunters in Macomb County could be on a wild goose chase.

"That's over 100 kilometers, 50 miles away from where the meteor entered to the east and the meteor headed to the west," said Mike Hankey, with the American Meteor Society.

Hankey believes the best place to find anything is going to be in Hamburg, which is northwest of Ann Arbor.

"You're really looking for something that's black like charcoal. Really smooth, unique," Hankey said.

Hankey said it will probably be the size of a grape or a golf ball. If you find something similar take it to an expert to identify it.

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