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Just over a week ago we were enjoying that 50-degree warm-up, but because we live in Michigan, we’re back to all this snow!

We caught up with several people in Bay County to see how they’re digging out.

“Living in Michigan you never know what you’re going to get, so you just gotta be ready for anything,” said Joshua Merchant.

An unusually mild start to winter in December, followed by several winter storms in January and February, like the one we’re in right now; leaving Merchant outside with his handy dandy shovel once again.

“It sucks! You shovel and then 30 minutes later it’s all back again.”

And that’s not the only tedious task this wintery weather brings.

Greg Prenzler has been out plowing parking lots since noon. He says being busy is good for business, but the equipment that he needs for the job can break the bank.

“The more snow you get the more money you can make, I guess, but you have more expenses too if things break. The trucks and plows are not cheap to use and to keep running so you always have big expenses in gas.”

So, more snow means money but it’s pricey, and the slippery roads are often a big headache for those in Bay County just trying to get from place to place, like Jim Flores.

“They’re bad. They’re quite slippery.”

And as rough as this Tuesday has been, with the stop and go weather pattern throughout the day, it’s still not over.

“Looks like I’ll be out here shoveling in the morning, too.”

Before the second wave of snow came in this evening, Bay City had picked up a little more than Five Inches of snow and the stuff coming down now will continue into tomorrow morning.

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