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A Mid-Michigan woman’s organs were donated and distributed to people in need after she passed away after a crash.

Corinn Linkowski was involved in an accident on Wednesday, Feb. 13 where she lost control of her vehicle and was hit by a truck.

After days of prayers and vigils, on Feb. 17, Linkowski’s parents announced her death. They said she passed away after suffering severe head injuries.

“I cry several times a day,” said Craig Linkowski. “I’m sitting there at the memorial service, hugging people, and I’m learning about somebody who just received her lungs.”

Corinn’s organs were donated and the Gift of Life Michigan sent an update to her parents expressing sympathy and gratitude for thinking to save others during the time of their loss.

“It’s so hard. I just have to take it one breath at a time. Really that’s what it is, one breath at a time. You don’t know from day to day how it’s gonna be, but you just cling to God,” said Tamara Linkowski, Corinn’s mom. “Sometimes God says yes, sometimes he says no, sometimes he says wait, and the answer to our prayer was no. But that no meant yes for so many people who were praying for organs. They got life because the Lord chose to take Corinn.”

According to the Gift of Life, six people have received her organs and are on the road to recovery and living a better, healthier life.

  • 3-year-old girl received her left liver lobe
  • 60-year-old woman received her lungs
  • 9-year-old girl received her heart
  • 11-year-old girl received her left kidney
  • 65-year-old woman received her right liver lobe
  • 33-year-old woman received her right kidney

“This person is on the edge of death, clinging to life and they’re getting this phone call, they’re getting this news, 'hurry up, get to the hospital, you’re getting lungs.' 'You’re getting a new heart. 'You’re getting a new kidney.' That takes some of the sting out of Corinn’s death and brings a bit of a smile to our face,” Craig said.

Corinn also donated bone, skin, and tendons which were recovered for transplants.

There are no updates on the accident, it is still under investigation.

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