An adorable moment captured in a picture is touching hearts across Mid-Michigan.

The woman who took the picture posted it to Facebook hoping she could identify the little girl who melted her heart.

Monica, who didn't want to publicly share her last name, took the picture Sunday night after getting off of her flight at Flint Bishop International Airport. She then posted it with this note to the page of the organization she founded Saginaw Love.

Monica said this little girl, who didn't even know this little boy, went right up and held his hand, "These two kids were total strangers and the little girl just scooped her little man’s hand right into hers! This is our future, this can && should be our future- colorfree [sic], yet so colorful ?? help me find her!"

Monica said she had the privilege of sitting next to the boy's mother on the flight home, but didn't catch her name. So, she turned to social media to help.

After sharing the picture, Monica was able to track down the little boy and his mother. Kenya Menzies-Peoples said her son Tay Junior made a new friend in this little girl on their trip back from Florida.

"The little girl asked my son, 'do you want to hold my hand?' And he said yes. And she grabbed his hand and they walked through the airport," Menzies-Peoples said.

Now, Monica hopes she can find out who the little girl is so she can share how touched she was.

Monica said she knows the little girl's name is Kendall and she flew in to Flint with her mother on Allegiant Air Sunday night about 5:30 from St. Petersburg, Florida. Monica said they sat in seats 27 E and F.

TV5 contacted Allegiant who was able to get us in touch with Kendall's mom.

The actions of the two little ones brought home a message the two moms want to share that the world could use the type of love the innocent kids showed one another.

"I'm like, wow. We sure can learn a lot from children," Menzies-Peoples said.

"I turned to Tay's mom and I said, 'you know. Isn't that just awesome? Don't you wish the rest of the world could look at other people like they do?' There's no judgement. There's nothing. That's all they see is friends having fun and love," said Nicole McCluskey, Kendall's mom.

Allegiant Airlines said it was so touched by the picture that it wants to provide some gifts to the new friends.

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