Pink Out game at Saginaw Spirit

St. Mary’s of Michigan and the Saginaw Spirit honored local breast cancer survivors with a Pink Out game at the Dow Event Center.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, 30 breast cancer survivors took to the ice before the Saginaw Spirit in an annual event called the Pink Out game.

“It’s their night, it’s all about their journey and their celebration,” said Tammy Weighman, an event specialist at Ascension St. Mary's.

For over a decade, the Saginaw Spirit and Ascension St. Mary’s have partnered together to honor these brave individuals.

Raising over $50,000 in the last 12 years, all of which goes to one important cause.

“And that is to help women who don’t have insurance, so it helps them get their mammograms, so nobody can have the excuse that they can’t afford it,” Weighman said.

For these survivors, it’s a moment on the ice that they won’t soon forget.

“It was so emotional for them, as well as us,” said Stacey Lopez and Angelina Porras. “They come up and they hug us, you know they’re teary-eyed and they’re so happy to be surviving.”

Lopez and Porras work on the cancer care team with Ascension St. Mary’s and have gotten to know each and every one of the survivors.

They said their courage and spirit serves as an inspiration for everyone at the event.

“They’re all of our patients rather, they’ve been 10-year survivors, we’ve met 12-year survivors, we have some currently in treatment that are still surviving,” Lopez and Porras said.

And not just surviving but thriving.

Proceeds from the game support the St. Mary's of Michigan breast cancer fund.

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