Planning commission drafts proposal to limit number of solar panels

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Solar panels can be a clean, natural and efficient way to produce energy.

Many Mid-Michigan residents are turning to them to power their homes, but one community is looking to limit the number of panels its residents can have on their property.

Officials in Flushing Township met on Monday to draft a proposal of that limit.

“Solar panels are legal in Michigan and you’re acting like you can tell me what to do with our land. None of you Don, Bill, Will, Rob, Jerry, Joyce, Mark, Daniel, Ron, none of you can come to my land and tell me what to do,” said Buddy Dalton, resident. "Why is Flushing Township trying to restrict people from using solar panels?"

The planning commission passed draft number four of a solar panel ordinance. After a unanimous vote, it will be sent to the township board for official approval.

The proposal allows residents 15 percent for lot coverage for ground mounted solar panels. If residents want more they must go to the planning commission and request it under special land usage.

Dalton was not having it.

“People want to use their land. You guys are up here talking about people’s futures without them being here. See they’re not here this week because they trusted what you said last week,” Dalton said.

The planning commission pushed back and told Dalton not to interrupt the meeting.

The township board could vote on the proposal on June 14.

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