Brandon Inge to take on new role with Brighton baseball organization


Over a hundred and fifty kids got to hit, throw and run bases with representatives from Major League Baseball and The Detroit Tigers.

This kick off event named "Play Ball" is to get the community excited about a new summer softball and baseball league at Hardenbrook Park in Flint. Jalen'e Allen says this was his first crack at America's favorite pastime.

"I'm learning how to play baseball. I've never played baseball before." said Jalen'e Allen

Allen got to join the Jackson League and will get to play all season for just ten dollars. Thanks to the city of Flint, MLB and The Friends of Jackson Park. Mayor Karen Weaver was out pitching and getting kids involved. She says sports can do a lot for their development.

"It's not just the physical fitness component of it to the kids, but also for social skills and for making friends. you can't really ask for more." said Mayor Karen Weaver

The Mayor says the event is part of a RBI program which redevelopments and revives baseball in the inner cities.

Girls and boys ages 6 to 13 were invited to give the sport a try. David James from the MLB says the goal is to promote character and academics skills .

"We are not trying to create major league players we are creating major league citizens." said David James

Local coaches and athletes taught the children the basics of baseball, like agilities, how to score a home run and of course how to make a perfect hot dog. Allen says he's pumped for his first year in baseball.

"it's a lot of fun." said Jalen'e Allen


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