Play demonstrates evolution of Flint

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For years, the Vehicle City has been in the spot light for the water crisis that's had a devastating impact on many of its residents.

Now the city finds itself at the center of an entirely different spotlight for an entirely different reason.

"This is a play about people who were kinda dismissed, left behind," said Guy Sanville, artistic director.

The play is titled "Flint."

"The water situation figures into it a little, but it's more about how we ended up where we are. The decline of the middle class as seen through the lens of two couples," Sanville said.

The play is written by Michigan native and acclaimed actor Jeff Daniels.

Sanville said Flint has undergone profound changes since its economic heyday.

"Close to 100 years ago Flint was the hub of manufacturing in this country," Sanville said. "Almost overnight seemingly it just went away."

The play stars some characters who were born and raised in the city, like Rhiannon Raglind.

She said she was on edge before reading the scripts.

"I was scared because it's so personal to me. That's where I was born and grew up. So it was intimidating to see what someone else's take was on the city and the people who live there," Raglind said.

She hopes it will resonate with those who experienced the struggle firsthand.

"And I hope that it's personal to a lot of people in the state and Midwest because it's a very human story," Raglind said.

Opening day is Jan. 18 at the Purple Rose Theater. Tickets are already on sale.

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