Just when you thought it was over, creepy clowns are back and terrorizing yet another neighborhood.

After receiving multiple 911 calls, police in Hollis, Maine arrested a 31-year-old prankster whose only motive was freaking people out.

"Creepy. All kinds of creepy,” Lindsey Morton said. "He definitely chose the cream of the crop for creepy masks."

It was a scene straight out of Stephen Kings “It.”

"Dude's creepy, it's kind of scary. It's not every day, especially in Hollis, you see a clown with a machete walking down the road,” Stephanie Hamlin said.

Police said the man behind the mask, Corey Berry, duct taped the machete to his amputated arm.

"And it was just the machete, probably like that much hanging out the bottom of his sleeve,” Hamlin said.

Berry was arrested and charged with criminal threatening.

"When we saw the police officers coming around that's when it clicked in that this was something that was wrong. It wasn't a joke,” Hamlin said.

Berry was reportedly intoxicated when arrested and told officers he was inspired by creepy clown pranks in other towns.

He was released from the county jail after posting bail.

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