Police confiscate weapons from student who made threats against neighboring high school

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A threat stemmed from social media.

Officials said a student sent out Snapchat on Wednesday threatening to shoot up Frankenmuth High School.

It was reported and handled immediately by the Frankenmuth Police Department and the district.

Frankenmuth Police Chief Don Mawer said the student, a juvenile, made a threat specifically saying he would use firearms in the attack on the school.

They were able to trace the threat to a student who lives near Vassar, in Tuscola County.

When police arrived, they talked to the student who they say came clean.

Police also found and confiscated four guns from the home.

Mawer said this extremely concerning.

"This is very concerning with the school, the community, and the police department. There were firearms specified in the threat," Mawer said. "When we went over there was firearms in the house, which is very common in any house, but the firearms specified in the threat were in the home."

What types of weapons were recovered is still unknown at this point.

Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene, who will take the case because the actual message was sent from his county, said he's reviewing everything.

But he said this is part of a bigger problem he's seen.

This week alone, he's dealt with two other cases involving students making threats at different county schools.

And several other cases recently.

Reene said he's glad police were able to stop any potential violence from happening at all of them.

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