Snow on roads

A Michigan police department is using humor to remind residents to take it slow on the roads.

“It doesn't matter how many cases of Busch Light or bags of sand you try to throw in your trunk/truck bed. If you try to drive a normal speed on slippery roads, you're gonna have a bad time,” the Bath Township Police Department posted on Facebook Monday morning.

The post came after snow fell across Mid-Michigan Monday morning, causing slippery road conditions.

The police department reminded people four-wheel drive will help you get going a little easier from a stop, but it will not stop you from losing traction while traveling at high speeds.

“You will look really cool blowing by everyone in your sweet lifted truck that you never take off road. However, you will look less cool when you're stuck in a ditch and you're getting passed by a Prius,” the department said.

The police department also said people should invest in decent tires for the winter and to remember to clean off their windshield.

“Please don't drive while looking through the small hole you scratched off with an old Britney Spears CD case you found on the floorboard,” the post said.

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