Police find 'zombie driver' with improper license plate

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While a Bath Township Police Officer was running a driver’s license plate during a traffic stop, the officer discovered the owner of the vehicle was actually deceased, leading to worries of a possible zombie encounter.

In a humorous post on the department's Facebook page, the Michigan agency went on to describe the encounter.

After learning the car's owner was dead, the Bath Township Police Department said the officer was terrified to learn he was dealing with the likes of a zombie driver. However, the license plate showed it belonged to another vehicle.

The officer then discovered it wasn't a zombie behind the wheel, and his fear was put to rest.

The police department stated the subject was a “sneaky liar liar non-zombie pants on fire”.

Once the officer found that the driver was wanted by multiple departments, the driver was taken to jail with charges against them.

The license plate was destroyed to avoid any addition scares.

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