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Police are investigating after a firearm discharged at a Mid-Michigan high school and hit a teacher in the neck.

The incident happened about 12:30 p.m. at Bay City Western High School in Auburn.

Police said the school resource officer was working inside of a room alone when his gun went off and the discharge was unintentional. The bullet went through a wall into a classroom and struck a teacher in the neck, Michigan State Police Lt. Dave Kaiser said.

Police said the bullet lost all of its momentum going through the wall so the teacher was not injured.

The school was placed in secure mode, following school protocol, police said. The secure mode was lifted once school officials determined there was no threat towards students or staff.

Isabella Magnusson, student, said there's no textbook that could have prepared her for what happened.

"I just remember out of nowhere there was a gunshot. I don't know, it was a really loud noise," Isabella said.

The 13-year-old said everyone was confused and ducked under their desks. She said she remembered looking at the wall.

"I saw smoke come from it too. I remember seeing that and there was a hole," Isabella said.

She said her teacher picked up the bullet after she was hit.

"I remember her looking into the mirror to see if she was bleeding or something," Isabella said.

Jillian Holsworth, Isabella's mom, said this is a parent's worst nightmare.

"I have no answers. I don't know why this happened," Holsworth said.

Holsworth said she didn't know a gun went off inside the school until her daughter got home. She also said the school didn't call until late Friday night.

"We as parents deserve answers. It's our right. We send our children there. We entrust them with our children and we have no idea how or why this happened and we deserve answers," Holsworth said.

She said she's yet to hear how the accident happened.

"If it was in his holster it would have shot down, not fired into an adjacent wall," Holsworth said.

Police are investigating to determine why the incident happened.

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