Bridgeport trailer destroyed by fire

A woman and child were killed in an early morning fire in Bridgeport.

Police at the scene said a mother and child were killed when fire broke out at a home in the Bridgeport Mobil Home Park on Dixie Highway Tuesday morning.

"I just woke to screams and I saw the smoke and immediately rushed to help out the best I could."

Jaromir Hasek's trailer sustained significant damage from the fire the took the life of his neighbor 23-year-old Emilee Woodruff and her 10-month old daughter Autumn.

Woodruff, who was pregnant, died with her little girl after flames broke out just before 6:42 a.m. Monday.

"I stuck my head in the doorway and screamed for anyone to hopefully get a response and then I got blasted in the face by some smoke," Hasek said.

It was a tragic turn of events that affected everyone at the Bridgeport Mobile Home Park.

"Waking up and just seeing it through the window and seeing the trailer burnt out, I really didn't know who's trailer it was until I asked," Daniel Finn said.

Finn says he knew the victims and so did Markuz Garza.

"I'm going to miss just talking to them really,” Garza said. “They were great people. I always saw them they were always in a good mood."

Garza says Woodruff was very close with his family. He wants all those grieving this loss to know they aren't alone.

"I'm sorry that you guys are going through this,” he said. “And I know it must be terrible losing a loved one. But we are all here for you."

As for Hasek, he says he and his family lost everything in the fire. Given that, his thoughts are with a family that lost a lot more.

"Tragic moment for sure,” Hasek said. “It's still running through my head. I just don't know how to say it but everything hopefully can get better."

Emilee and Autumn were the only occupants at the time of the fire, according to police.

Two trailers were completely destroyed in the fire, and another was damaged.

Police said one person was injured while trying to punch out a window to get in to help.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time, but a police K9 did not find any accelerants. 

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I just want to say thank you for make this death a joke for everyone. I have seem over 200 vehicles coming inside this park taking pictures and making this park like a tourist attraction when it is not. Three people have died, a mother who was pregnant with her second baby, a daughter, three people. They do not need to feel like they were being laugh at. I understand if people were leaving flowers, Teddy bears, but their nothing that I see. You reporters should of left it anonymous of where it was located. So thanks for making this a tourist attraction for those who can come here and make a mockery out of this whole situation, how do you think her own mother feels when I decide to tell her. You people should feel ashamed of yourself.

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