Flint officer shooting 1

Police have identified the suspect of an officer-involved shooting in Flint who died from her injuries.

The shooting happened Saturday at 2:14 p.m. on Saginaw Street.

A Flint police officer, who was working a traffic point for the Juneteenth Celebration parade, was fired upon by a lone occupant of a vehicle who drove up to him, Michigan State Police said. The officer returned fire, striking the suspect.

The suspect, 19-year-old Briana Sykes, of Flint, was taken to Hurley Medical Center for treatment, where she succumbed to her injuries.

Flint Police Chief Terence Green requested Michigan State Police to conduct the investigation. The officer involved was not injured, neither were any bystanders in the area, according to MSP.

The incident remains under investigation.

Keith Lewis, a Flint resident, looked forward to the Juneteenth events planned on Saturday.

"I was going to come down and get my lawn chair and sit down, and really enjoy it. Like they do in all the other little communities when they have special events," Lewis said.

Lewis arrived on Saginaw Street to watch the parade but was shocked to see a different scene.

"I saw all of this chaos. Cars everywhere, police everywhere," Lewis said. "This silver car behind me, it's blocked in by two Michigan State Police cars, but it's the car believed to be involved in the shooting."

Flint residents, like Lewis, reflect on what Saturday was supposed to be.

"It's supposed to be Juneteenth. We're supposed to be celebrating. And then a shootout with a police officer, at that. A shoot out with a police officer? Oh, my goodness. All I can do is just pray," Lewis said.

Lewis said he hopes for a better tomorrow.

"I hope that eventually one day we'll all get it together and be able to have a nice celebration. I just send my thoughts out to Flint," Lewis said.

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