Police investigate after counterfeit money found in Owosso

(Source: City of Owosso)

Police are investigating after businesses in Owosso saw three separate cases of counterfeit money.

The money was seized over the weekend and include a fake $100 bill and fake $20 bills.

The counterfeit money can be purchased online and distributed to unknowing businesses, the city said.

"Happened three times this past weekend and that's just what we know about," said Michael Olsey, Owosso police officer. "The two $20 bills here were both turned into a delivery driver for a local pizza shop here in town."

Olsey said the $100 bill was turned into the police station after someone found it this weekend.

He said there are heavy penalties for anyone attempting to use bogus currency. It is a felony.

Police said there are ways to protect yourself against counterfeit cash.

"You could go buy a counterfeit marker. Just right here a lot of local stores have them. If you mark a real bill and you can see, will turn a yellow-ish tan color. And when you mark the fake bill it turns a brownish color," Olsey said.

He said you can also check for certain water marks or security threads on the bills, which fake money would be lacking.

Olsey said comparison can help too. Compare the feel and texture of the paper with other bills you know are authentic. He warns people to be mindful, vigilant and watch out for any possible deception.

"When you get your change back, take a look at it because after you receive it that store is at no obligation to refund you your money," Olsey said.

If you have any information on these incidents, you are asked to contact the Owosso Police Department at 989-725-0580.

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