Police investigate video showing teens fighting in Bay City


A video circulating on social media appears to show a group of local teenagers engaging in a pseudo fight club.

Bystanders shot the video at Bay City’s Wenonah Park as the teens threw punches and kicked each other.

Police believe there could be someone older influencing the violent behavior.

“I thought it was completely disgraceful,” said Suzanna Bridges, Bay City resident. “Especially in this beautiful area where you know families and music happens and the community hangs out. And you know prom pictures and stuff are taken here, whatever. It shouldn’t be that kind of thing.”

Investigators said the video was recorded earlier this month.

“It looks like a mutual combat, but it looks like it was egged on possibly by some people that look like they could be adults. So that is of concern to me,” Bay City Public Safety Director Mike Cecchini said.

Cecchini said the incident is still under investigation. If the individuals in the video can be positively identified, they could face criminal charges.

He said the video is not the product of a fight club in Bay City.

“I don’t know that there’s a specific group like a fight club group so to speak that’s doing that. I have not heard of such a thing, no,” Cecchini said.

Fight club or not, people like Bridges want scenes like this to come to an end.

“You are disgracing your families and your parents. If your parents saw any of this they would, I would hope they would shut it down. Because if I would’ve seen that, even though they aren’t my kids, I would’ve stopped that for sure,” Bridges said.

Police said so far, no arrests have been made regarding the video.

There was another fight video that recently went viral in mid-Michigan after it was posted on Facebook by Chad Burk. The Essexville Public Safety Department said that video was taken in the fall of 2017.

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