McDonalds on Holland in Buena Vista Twp

Police are sounding the alert after a local McDonald’s worker was accused of taking pictures of credit cards and using the information to shop online.

The Buena Vista Police Department said the woman worked at the fast-food restaurant on Holland in Saginaw County.

“Both myself and the managers at McDonald’s were both shocked and rather disappointed,” said Det. Sara Yant with the Buena Vista Township Police Department.

Investigators said that while working the drive-thru window, the woman would take pictures of the front and back of credit cards used for payment, and then hand it back to the customer. Later the suspect would use the credit card information to make phone or online purchases.

Police were called after a customer, who used his credit card on Nov. 20, was alerted by his bank of fraudulent activity.

Yant said McDonald’s managers reviewed surveillance video “and were able to see on camera the clerk taking a photo of his credit card, the front and the back of the card”.

Police said this is not an isolated incident, Yant believes the suspect allegedly photographed at least 50 credit cards.

The former employee was jailed but has since been released pending further investigation.

McDonald's Owner/Operator Rob Spangler issued the following statement regarding the incident:

“The safety and security of our customers and their information is a top priority. When we became aware of this issue, we immediately notified law enforcement and worked closely with the authorities in their investigation. I can confirm this individual is no longer employed by my organization.”

Police said the suspect will face criminal charges when the investigation is complete.

“These are felony charges. And with dealing with online companies, your bank, your victim, and now with the surveillance; finding that it was done more than one time, this is going to be a lengthy investigation,” Yant said.

Investigators want to remind everyone to use good credit card safety, and carefully review your credit card/debit card statements, especially during the holidays.

If you are a victim of this incident, call Det Yant with the Buena Vista Police Department at (989) 753-7793.

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