Police respond after Saginaw home shot up

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Seven bullets ripped through a Mid-Michigan home while the owner and her grandson were inside, but no one was hurt.

A week later she has a lot of questions and she said none of those have been answered because police have yet to investigate her report.

Melody Jackson lives in the Saginaw home with her 14-year-old grandson Marvis. The shooting happened April 25.

"I was in my bedroom looking at the TV with my light on and all of a sudden I heard some shots. Ain't thinking they were hitting my house," Jackson said.

About 2 a.m. she realized she was wrong and someone was shooting at her home. She ran to check on Marvis who was asleep in the next room.

"I was scared. I just got on the floor, grabbed the phone and called 911," Jackson said. "And then they started shooting and it scared me. So I laid down right there."

Eventually the shooting stopped and no one was injured.

"I never bothered nobody and for this to happen to me, it's just not right. Innocent people getting their house shot up, that's just not cool," Jackson said.

She filed a police report, but said she is still waiting for a detective to come investigate. She said she won't feel safe until whoever did this is off the streets.

A spokesperson for the Saginaw Police Department said they don't have the resources to quickly investigate every shooting and since no one was injured it could be a few days.

Now large bullet holes scatter around Jackson's home.

"My father bought this home in 69 and my mother died in 99 and left it to me in the will. And it's my home. And it's all I have," Jackson said.

The Saginaw Police Department said officers wrote a descriptive report of the incident and took more than 15 photos at the scene. Police also said their victim's rights coordinator called Jackson several times, but she never answered.

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