Winter weather means slick roads and a much higher risk of car accidents.

Michigan State Police Trooper Mark Burch showed off the Seat Belt Convincer on Monday.

"It's to get kids to realize how bad that impact of just 5 miles per hour is and then we speak to them about it you were in a 25 miles per hour accident that would be five times that impact. And at 50 miles per hour it's 10 times this impact. So it really sends the message how important it is to wear your safety belt," Burch said.

The simulator was brought to Bay City Western as a way to incorporate not only safety precautions and buckling up while driving, but real world physics examples as well.

"Well, I think it's just unique because often in science classes you know kids always ask 'Why am I learning this? What does this have to do with anything?' So this gives them an opportunity to see physics in real life," Principal Judy Cox said.

Freshman Halee Eckerd said it was an eye opening experience.

"Like in life you actually work with force a lot and I don't think people actually realize that. I didn't realize that until we did this, that it was actually like physics, considered physics," Eckerd said.

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