Police urging drivers to be careful on National Motorcycle Safety month


May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and police agencies across the state are urging caution on the roads for both drivers and motorcyclists.

“Well I mean it’s a bummer,” said Steve Blair.

Steve never wants to hear of a fellow motorcyclist losing their life. Unfortunately, it’s been happening all too often lately.

Steve and his wife Jeanine know the dangers of the road and they do their best to prepare.

“If you’re a motorcyclist pretty much make sure that you are aware of all your surroundings and for those in the vehicles please be aware of the motorcycles around us,” Jeanine said.

It’s no secret that when it comes to the safety of motorcyclists they have to be on the lookout for four-wheel vehicles but there’s actually another danger out there that could be just as deadly.

“Deer doesn’t realize if it’s a car, truck, or motorcycle coming they don’t observe the rules of the road that we do and they’ll cross anywhere, so people need to be aware of the deer,” said Brian McComb.

Michigan State Police spokesperson Brian McComb said motorcyclists should always drive defensively.

He gave other tips on how to make it to your destination safely.

“Wear high visibility clothing can really help,” McComb said. “That could really help the driver of the vehicle see them a little bit better. Slow down is another big thing and going around curves watch out for loose gravel. The motorcycle driver should watch out for loose gravel at intersections or going around a curve.”

As for Steve Blair, he won’t let the dangers of the road stop him from riding on it.

He just really wants drivers of all types of vehicles to look out for each other.

“Hope for the best I guess,” Steve said. “It’s always enjoyed doing so. I’ll just keep on doing it until I’m not able to I guess.”

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