Police: Woman accused of shoplifting runs out, leaves child behind

Source: Saginaw County Sheriff's Dept.

A woman accused of shoplifting ran out of a Mid-Michigan store, leaving her 7-year-old daughter behind.

It happened on Nov. 19 at Kohl’s in Saginaw County.

Saginaw County Sheriff Lt. Mike Gomez said a 23-year-old Saginaw woman was spotted on store cameras and by prevention loss staff going into a fitting room with merchandise, but coming out with none.

Gomez said the staff checked the fitting room and found hangers, but no clothing.

The woman was then seen on camera “dragging” her 7-year-old daughter towards an exit.

At some point, the woman lost her grip and the child crashed into the glass sliding door, Gomez said.

That’s when the mom apparently ran out of the store and drove off leaving the child behind. She is still at large.

The prevention loss team was watching over the child until the girl's mother sent a family member to pick her up, Gomez said.

"It didn't take that long. A woman arrived and identified herself as the biological grandmother. The child was released to the grandmother once she was identified and we could confirm that," Gomez said.

The child was released to that family member.

Officials are seeking a warrant against the woman for retail fraud and possible child abuse charges. Police said this is not the woman's first run in with authorities.

It is unclear how much merchandise was taken, but police said it doesn't add up to facing jail time for shoplifting, child abuse or child abandonment.

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