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There once was a time when the only people who questioned your parenting skills were your family or in-laws.

With the rise of social media, complete strangers are now making their opinions known. Cases of mom shaming on sites like Facebook and Twitter have been on the rise in recent years.

"Every mom has their own thing. I'm not one to judge how you raise your kids or do what you do. I don't expect anybody to judge me as well," said Brigitte Schuler, mom.

Schuler loves spending time with her kids. She enjoys taking them out in public, but she doesn't expect a stranger to criticize her parenting on social media. It's known as mom shaming.

"It's just not human. I mean, I don't know. I wouldn't do that to anybody," Schuler said.

There's plenty of people on social media who engage in mom shaming.

A poll by C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor found 61 percent of mothers of children 5 and younger have been criticized for their parenting by complete strangers on social media.

"I definitely think everybody has their different ways of parenting and everybody has their own method of doing stuff. It's not really anybody else's business how they go about and do stuff," said Brittany Bill.

She thinks there are better things to do on social media besides call out parents.

"I definitely hope it stops, people just become more understanding and nicer to other moms," Bill said.

Some dads feel the same way about mom shaming.

"It's messed up," Rick Finley said.

He said he won't let trolls on social media dictate the way he raises his kids.

"You shouldn't have a say on how I take care of my step-children or my kids or you know any of that. You know because that's my business," Finley said.

As for Schuler, she said she has never been mom shamed and if she were she wouldn't give it a second thought.

"Social media take it for what it's worth. It's social media," she said.

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