130-pound tumor removed from man

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A Mississippi man is recovering after doctors removed a tumor that had grown to the size of a person over a 15-year time span.

Roger Logan, 57, spent most of his time confined to an electric chair in an eight-foot room due to a growth protruding from his abdomen.

“Never, never leaving that room. Never leaving that chair,” Logan said.

He went years with doctors telling him the growth was just fat.

“They said ‘It’s just fat. You’re just fat. It’s just fat developing there,’” Logan said.

But it wasn’t just fat – it was a benign tumor, likely caused by an ingrown hair. The growth increased rapidly in size and weight with 130-pounds alone hanging from Logan’s midsection.

"From here up I was a normal person. I used to say put a strap around you and your carrying three bags of cement around you all day long just swinging and,” Logan said sighing.

After months of research, Logan said no more.

He went to Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield, California to see Dr. Vipul Dev, a professional Logan said was the only one who could get it done right after working with a similar case in the past.

"We are very fortune that we can do this surgery with little to none complications,” Dev said.

Dev said Logan’s surgery was a success.

As for Logan, he’s looking forward to throwing out his old electric chair and grabbing a Bakersfield taco before he heads home.

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