Package delivery problems continue to cause issues for people in Mid-Michigan.

“She's 9 months pregnant, we are out of supplies.”

Brandon Conley and his wife Hope of Bay City ran into some major issues with FedEx.

Hope is almost 9 months pregnant and she's diabetic.

She relies on getting her lifesaving medication and supplies through the mail but this time around they didn't come.

And without them?

“She dies, the baby dies,” Brandon said.

At first, they figured maybe it was because of the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season.

“I told them this is not a sweater,” Brandon said. “I don’t care that you've misplaced my Christmas gift, these are lifesaving supplies.”

The medication shipped out on December 11 from Livonia, expected to arrive the very next day on the 12.

It then sat at this Saginaw location until December 17, until it was finally delivered to the family’s home in Bay City.

“8 days late from FedEx, it was ten minutes away,” Brandon said.

He says at one point, he even went down to the Saginaw location to pick up the package, but they told him it was locked away.

He says he felt helpless, simply fighting for his wife to get the medication she needs.

“I got at least 8-9 stories,” he said. “I’ve filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Postal Service has opened a case with the Federal Package Inspectors in Detroit, and the Post Master in Bay City.

We reached out to Fed Ex, a representative gave us this statement:

"FedEx continues to experience high package volumes as holiday shipping deadlines are upon us. With respect to customer inquiries about urgent medical shipments, we have worked with our local facilities to prioritize these efforts."

Brandon says try harder.

“These aren’t video games that kids won’t get to open on Christmas,” he said. “If they’re going to be in the business of transporting medical supplies. They got to be accountable, these are people’s lives, we can’t go to Walgreens and get these supplies.”

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(2) comments


Why are the chances they just waited until the last minute for these life saving supplies? FedEx messes up, for sure, but it’s the holiday season, take that into account people.


In the three weeks I too have had two(2) packages held for over a week by FedEx Ground, and both times when I called received nothing but the run around from FedEx reps.

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