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A Mid-Michigan school district says a pair of students became ill after ingesting candy with drugs in it.

On the Clio Carter Middle School Facebook page, the principal posted a letter to parents.

The letter says after the school day ended on Tuesday, a parent took a student to the emergency room after eating hard rock candy infused with THC - the main ingredient in marijuana.

The school says another student became ill on Wednesday after consuming the substance.

"I was very, very troubled," Principal Neil Bedell said.

Bedell said earlier this week, six students ingested the candy laced with THC. Two of the students - believed to have eaten the most candy - got sick, suffering stomach issues and other ailments.

"One person had a very difficult time walking, standing, those kinds of symptoms. The other student was just sleepy and couldn't keep his head on the desk. And then we had to have him lay down," Bedell said.

Bedell said a female student brought the candy to school. She, along with the six who ate the candy, were all disciplined by the school. Bedell said he is thankful things didn't turn out worse.

"How did you know that it only had THC? And it didn't have other things like LSD, rat poison, other kinds of things? That could've been a much more serious result," Bedell said.

What really disturbed Bedell is that he said all the students who ate the candy knew THC was in it. He is worried students may not understand the potential dangers involved with eating edibles.

"What concerns me is because out there there's this idea that now people are taking edibles for recreational purposes in the adult world and that sort of things. So when you talk to students, they're hearing what others are talking about with edibles. And I don't really believe that they think it really is a serious issue," Bedell said.

In a letter to parents, Bedell said, “The safety and security of our students is our top priority. I am asking all parents to talk to their children about the extreme dangers of consuming/ingesting these type of substances. They could be laced with other types of toxic substances."

Bedell also said it is illegal and against board policy for students to possess and or distribute any type of cannabis product.

“Students choosing to engage in unlawful behaviors are subject to disciplinary consequences that can include suspension and expulsion from the school district,” Bedell said.

Clio Police are investigating the incident.

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