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Around 300 people in Midland will soon be out of a job after Quad/Graphics announced it is closing the facility.

The company announced today it will “cease manufacturing operations” at its facility in Midland on or about Sept. 10.

In a statement to TV5, the company said:

The decision is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to streamline operations and create efficiencies across its U.S. manufacturing platform and help print remain an economically feasible alternative to digital channels. The decision in no way reflects the quality and performance of employees in the plant, all of whom have worked hard to make the plant succeed. Given the continued migration of advertising dollars to digital channels, Quad and the printing industry must continue to take steps to align declining volume with capacity.

The Midland plant specializes in producing special interest publications. The company said the plant will be consolidated into other Quad locations, with 49 plants (including Midland) in the United States.

The company also said it plans to help Midland employees in finding new jobs. A company career fair will be held the week of July 22.

Quad plans to sell the nearly 220,000 square foot Midland facility.

“I was surprised,” said Tim Schneidmiller from Midland.

Schneidmiller took a leap of faith accepting a new job at Quad Graphics by leaving his 13 years at Walmart behind.

But things fell through before he even made it to his first day on the job.

“I’m disappointed because I like my job and I liked being there,” Schneidmiller said. “It was just the whole idea of elevating the family life.”

Schneidmiller, as you might imagine, is not happy about the turn of events.

“It was kinda ironic because at the interview they asked what my biggest fear was switching jobs after so long. I told them it was starting the new job, then they lose product and I get laid off. Low and behold, they close,” Schneidmiller said.

Aside from it all, he said he’s trying to stay positive because unlike many others in this situation he’s able to go back to his old job.

The Midland Business Alliance released the following statement:

“We are profoundly disappointed to hear the news of Quad Graphics closing its Midland facility,” said Tony Stamas, President & CEO of the Midland Business Alliance (MBA). “The MBA is committed to supporting those losing their jobs and helping them stay in our community.”

“The economic development arm of the MBA has many years of experience filling positions after businesses close or have layoffs as well as filling properties with new employers,” said Becky Church, Vice President of Economic and Business Development for the MBA. “We will be dedicated to filling this important, legacy property and ensuring Midland’s economic base continues to diversify and grow.”

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