Questions linger in community after teens arrested for murder

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Questions linger on the minds of Clio residents after five Clio High School students were arrested for murder.

"What's going to happen? I mean, nobody knows right now what's going to take place for these young men," said Bob Schlosser, Clio resident.

The five teenagers are accused of killing 32-year-old Kenneth White by throwing a rock off the Dodge Road overpass.

What should the school district do to help students process the actions and consequences of that deadly act?

"Have some kind of grievance counseling and further counseling to our youth that what they're doing is a criminal offense. So we don't have our young people in jail when they shouldn't be," said James Sutherland, Clio resident.

Schlosser believes the school district should stand and defend the student suspects.

"I think the school needs to rally together with the boys. It was a terrible mistake that they made. It wasn't something they set out to do on purpose. And they're going to need the community behind them, not against them," Schlosser said.

The school district released a statement that reads in part, "This is a stark reminder that we need to impress upon our young people that actions have consequences and sometimes those consequences can be tragic."

It further stated the district is working to provide support to those in the school affected by the tragedy.

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