Reality show of Mid-Michigan family kicks off Sept. 11

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Imagine your entire family - grandparents, parents, grandchildren - all living under one roof.

That's reality for one Mid-Michigan family, all 26 of them.

They live in one home and share two bathrooms.

"We want to share our family with America," said Billy Putman, star of a new reality TV show.

The Huron County family is the centerpiece of a new reality TV show - Meet the Putmans - premiering Sept. 11 on TLC. It's a look at how a family of 26, spanning three generations, lives under one roof.

"It's a very warm, loving, comical, funny show. But it's real. It is, I swear to you 100 percent real," Putman said.

The family gets around in a bus. They have a desire to bring publicity to the Thumb.

"Extremely excited about bringing some notoriety to one of the best places in the world to live. Which I think is Caro, Michigan/the Thumb of Michigan. So hopefully we'll get some of the credit we deserve," Putman said.

He said production of the show took place in their three story home for two months. Putman admits it was a struggle at first to get used to cameras and microphones at every turn, but they said they're glad they did it.

The family hopes this is the beginning of a TV series that will last a long time.

"We talked about it. We prayed about it. And now here we are," Putnam said. "We're going to bring it to you full blast. And honestly, I think you'll absolutely love it."

The pilot episode aired in January and was picked up for a full series, which premieres on Sept. 11.

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