Recount begins in Michigan over presidential election ballots

In Genesee County, 227 precincts were represented in the cafeteria of the administration building. Source: WNEM

Counties across Mid-Michigan prepared Wednesday to begin their recount of ballots cast in the presidential election, but it's not clear if the recount will continue

Tuesday night, two courts issued separate rulings on the measure. First, a federal appeals court said a judge was within his rights when he ordered the recount to begin Monday instead of Wednesday.

Then, the Michigan Appeals Court said the recount never should have begun in the first place, because it was requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who received very few votes.

Now, it looks like the case will have to go back to the federal judge who ordered the recount to start early, before it can be stopped.

"It was a lot of scrambling this last week. The staff really went to unusual ends to make sure we could be off and running at 9 o'clock this morning," Genesee County Clerk John Gleason said.

Gleason said Stein will have to pay $125 per precinct, but that won't come close to covering the cost for the recount.

"First of all, I'm against this. It's a lot of money. We're gonna spend $100,000, about $5 million across the state. At the same time, we're asking Lansing for more money," Gleason said.

He's not the only county clerk upset with the recount.

"We have political elitist on the east coast that want to make Michigan look something less than good, which I take great offense to," Lapeer County Clerk Theresa Spencer said.

There are a lot of people with high stakes in this recount.

"You have people that ran against each other a month ago and they're trying to get every vote they can for their candidate," Gleason said.

The ballots were divided into stacks of 25 before being reviewed by workers. In all, up to 200,000 ballots in Genesee County will have to be recounted by hand, which could take up to a week to complete.

Here is a list of when the recounts will begin in your area: Genesee County: Dec. 7 (199,000 ballots to be recounted) Bay County: Dec. 8 Clare County: Dec. 8 Gladwin County: Dec. 8 Gratiot County: Dec. 8 Midland County: Dec. 8 Saginaw County: Dec. 8 (95,000 ballots to be recounted) Shiawassee County: Dec. 8 Arenac County: Dec. 9 Tuscola County: Dec. 9 Huron County: Dec. 10 Isabella County: Dec. 10 Iosco County: Dec. 11 Lapeer County: Dec. 11 Oscoda County: Dec. 11 Sanilac County: Dec. 11 Ogemaw County: Dec. 12 Roscommon County: Dec. 12Copyright 2016 WNEM (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.


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