Eastlawn problems

TV5 has been asking the tough questions about a Mid-Michigan cemetery.

Now we’re learning Eastlawn Memorial Gardens in Saginaw County has problems going back decades.

Several people have come forward to complain since our original story ran in December.

“My mom died in 1973 and we had water issues in the first part of 1974. It was addressed at the cemetery office and it has been ever since,” said Larry Prueter.

Prueter said his mother’s grave has been partially underwater on and off four nearly 45 years.

His mother, military father and uncle are all buried at Eastlawn.

Prueter has been trying to get something done about the water issue for decades.

“It all fell on deaf ears. A lot of promises, but nothing has happened,” Prueter said.

TV5 has been digging into this dilemma for nearly two weeks. We have heard from several others dealing with issues similar to Prueter’s.

On Friday, a pump had been installed to drain some of the water.

TV5 also spoke with lawmakers who are trying to change licensing laws to prevent and fix the problems.

Prueter is hopeful something will change, but the last four decades have drained him of his optimism. He said he has sent petitions, pictures and complaints to lawmakers over the years to no avail.

Prueter has sent out dozens of packets of information of his work over the years to state and federal representative.

One day he would like to be buried next to his family but has chosen a different resting place for the sake of his kids.

“It’s so frustrating. I don’t want our kids to have to walk through a swamp to get to the grave,” he said.

TV5 has tried contacting Parklawn Corporation, the company that owns the cemetery, but have not heard back.

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