Residents complain about monster pothole on Tittabawassee

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Some of the potholes in your zip code may seem big enough to have a zip code of their own.

The massive monsters make travel dangerous, repairs costly and aggravation abundant.

One pothole in particular is catching the eye and the tire rims of a TV5 viewer.

Drivers say they’ve gotten used to dodging potholes on Tittabawassee Road. But one crater just past the intersection of Tittabawassee and Patterson was bad enough for one TV5 viewer to send in photos showing the damage it did to the rims of their car.

“It’s bad enough for people to watch when they go down the road,” said Connie Mull, Hemlock resident.

It wasn’t her car that fell victim to the crater, but she is well aware of the massive pothole just past her house.

She said potholes have become a part of life around the neighborhood.

“You can’t go very fast because they come up out of nowhere,” Mull said.

She said crews don’t often work in this area, but believes it may have something to do with its location being so close to the Saginaw-Midland County line.

Although the pothole lies near the Midland County line, the Saginaw County Road Commission said it’s under their jurisdiction.

The commission explained Tittabawassee Road is subject to heavy traffic with more than 1,800 miles of pavement to cover.

They rely on people to call potholes in, but said they hadn’t happened upon this one.

Within just hours of TV5 reaching out the hole had been repaired.

Residents like Mull said it’s a relief to see them being patched up, but still advises drivers to take precaution.

“Go slow and watch for them,” she said.

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