Residents complain of noise from Kroger expansion

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A Mid-Michigan Kroger location is undergoing a major expansion, but residents who live nearby are fed up with the noisy construction.

The store on State Street in Saginaw Township will soon become a super store location, but residents said construction crews are creating a racket way too early in the morning.

Janet Makl said she hears the noises when she is going to sleep. She lives next to the Kroger, which is currently in the middle of an expansion project.

"I haven't had a good night's sleep since March," Makl said.

She said she is sleep deprived and angry. Makl claims crews have been working around the clock, despite a city ordinance that requires them to keep it down.

"I would like them to do the loud stuff during their hours of operation when they are supposed to do it from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.," Makl said.

Makl said she has reached out to Kroger, called police and even 911 to try and fix the issue. However, the Saginaw Township manager said they have only had two complaints and are diligently working to figure out the cause of the noise.

Rob Grose, township manager, said they have even sent officers to check the area.

"They didn't hear anything on the exterior. So we are looking into it still. I'm not sure if it's truck traffic, maybe possibly trucks coming off Hemmeter Road to deliver to Kroger. They have their loading bays on the west side of the building," Grose said.

He said the township is committed to enforcing the noise ordinance and is staying on top of it.

As for Makl, she has tried to sound proof her apartment using cardboard cutouts. But if nothing is done she is debating if she'll shop at the new Kroger.

"I was excited before, but now I'm almost at the boycott stage because I was getting to a point that I was going to get out little picket signs if nothing is done and start marching," Makl said.

Kroger said the project is expected to be completely finished by November.

"We will always address concerns timely to make sure we are keeping as much peace as possible during our times of construction. We work closely with the cities and townships in which we operate," Kroger said in a statement.

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