Items discarded along Saginaw road

Residents in Saginaw are fed up with illegal dumping.

Piles of old mattresses, tires, and other furniture lines the sides of Elmwood Street on the city’s east side.

Families told TV5 the problem is getting worse and it seems little is being done to stop those who are trashing the neighborhoods.

“We should have more love for our city than to just go dump stuff, and nobody should have to live that way,” said Delores Drain, resident.

Residents said the area looks like a junkyard landed on the curb.  

On Saturday, Dec. 13, Drain posted a video on social media showing the area. She hopes it’ll bring some much-needed change to the area.

“I knew it was bad. But each time it’s worse and worse and worse. And I just thought that day it was too much,” Drain said.

Drain believes the city of Saginaw needs to do more to take care of the trash.

“What are they going to do about it? They just can’t continue to leave it that way,” Drain said.

TV5 spoke with city leaders about their efforts to catch those who illegally dump and the resources available to residents.

“I don’t know that there are and magic answers. It’s a problem that we’ve been dealing with for years and years,” said John Stemple, director of neighborhood services and inspections.

Stemple said the city is aware of the problem spot along with others throughout the city. He said crews are constantly cleaning up after those who decide to dump.

“We’ve put cameras out, you know which might get you a picture of a vehicle, maybe a picture of a person. But identifying a person or a vehicle, it’s difficult,” Stemple said.

Stemple pointed out Saginaw residents can have their unwanted items disposed of at no cost.

“Every month across the way here at our public works building we have free drop off. As long as you’re a city resident, we allow you to dump anything. Construction debris, anything, anything really,” Stemple said.

Not everyone is using that service and that has Drain fed up.

“Shame of you. Take it to the dump,” Drain said.

Those caught illegally dumping could face a $500 fine or 90 days in jail.

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Random properties

Saginaw needs free drop off dump more than once a month. At least once a week, Also advertising the dump site and hours would bring attention to it.

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