Residents fed up with trash blowing into their yard from recycling center

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An Isabella County family is fed up after they claim a local recycling center has made a mess of their yard.

The family said their home backs up to the center and trash constantly litters their property.

“They’ve addressed it. I seem to go through this every five years,” said Tim Hauck, Isabella County resident.

Hauck said his yard looks a lot better than it did on Monday. His property sits next to the Isabella County Material Recovery Facility – a recycling center.

He said his property was inundated with paper, plastic bags and empty containers. He said employees cleaned it up, but he wants the issues solved for good.

“They’re not bad neighbors, except for the fact periodically trash builds up and blows across the neighborhood and it becomes unsightly. I’ve had rodent problems. I question the value of the whole project. I mean, they’re taking stuff in that apparently, they can’t move any place. If they can’t handle it, don’t take it,” Hauck said.

The Isabella County administrator declined to comment on the issue.

A source with the county said additional staffing would be added to the recycling facility in an effort to get everything cleaned up.

“I would like to see everything contained inside and conform it to local codes like I have to obey in my business. Loose debris that can blow around is not supposed to be stored outside,” Hauck said.

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