Trailer park without power

Residents at a Mid-Michigan trailer park have been without electricity for 10 days after a vehicle crashed into a utility pole.

They said their landlord is not doing much to get things back up and running, leaving several people without lights, heat and some without water.

“The longer we’re in this state the more of a chance something bad could happen,” said Austin Allgood, resident at Lake View Trailer Park in Sanford.

Allgood is one of several people without power. He has spent hundreds of dollars on a generator to keep his place warm, but his neighbor Chelsea Moeller is not as lucky.

“It’s so cold in here,” Moeller said.

She does not have a generator and that is only the beginning of her problems.

“I don’t have hot water. I can’t take a shower here. I can’t even go into the bathroom. It’s so dark in there,” Moeller said.

She said her pipes are also starting to freeze and her carbon monoxide detector keeps going off.

Eight of the 16 homes in the park has been affected, including new mom India Deaschke.

Deaschke and her 2-month-old son have been cooped up inside near the wood stove – the only thing that’s keeping them warm.

“He’s starting to get a cold so if anything doesn’t get resolved then I’m probably gonna have to take him to the hospital,” Deaschke said.

She said they are working to find a way out of this situation.

“We’re already looking for new houses,” Deaschke said.

The landlord said he has hired an electrician and it is no longer his problem. But residents said that’s not good enough.

“You’ll call him and he’ll hang up on you,” Moeller said.

“I don’t want any more excuses and you can’t just put it off on an electrician. It’s your priority to get these people power and if you can’t find a viable electrician you gotta find another one,” Allgood said.

The electrician said he did put up a new pole, but is waiting on a special part to finish the job. At this point, no one has said when that power is expected to come back on.

“Why do we do our part and the landlord feels like he doesn’t have to do his,” Allgood said.

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