Following severe weather on Tuesday, mid-Michiganders have been cleaning up their homes after strong winds whipped through, damaging homes, cars, and properties.

"We had lightning and thunder and things coming down, but I didn't expect to see all of this down on the ground like this,” said Michael Morero, a resident of Omer.

On the ground, tree trunks, branches, snuggly wrapped around down power lines.

At Evelyn and Michael Morero's home on Michigan Avenue in Omer, the aftermath is just an eye sore of a mess.

“We've got trim off our barn over here. Our fence is down, half our fence on the other side, that's blown down,” Morero said.

Morero said that in his lifetime he's experienced three separate tornadoes but the storm that passed through here was something he never experienced before.

"60 to 70 mile an hour winds just don't do this. I mean even though you can tell it was real bad winds. But in tornadoes I’ve been in, wind normally doesn't take a tree like that down,” Morero said.

The Moreros are thanking the higher powers that be that no one got hurt.

“I'm just glad that everyone is okay. No one got hurt, the damage can be repaired,” Evelyn Morero said. “We’ll help all our neighbors out because we have older neighbors over here and we another couple across the street. We'll do our yard later; we'll go help them first because they have the most damage."

“You can't roll over and die you just gotta continue with what you gotta do. Up here we help neighbors, we'll clean everything up, we'll get back to normal until next storm,” Michael Morero said.

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