Shooting scene at Broadway and 27th in Bay City

Neighbors in Bay City are reacting to an out-of-town man being shot in his car as police continue to track down a person of interest.

Neighbors in Bay City are reacting to an out-of-town man being shot in his car as police continue to track down a person of interest.

“I don’t know what this world is coming to anymore,” said Betty Lum.

Lum lives a block away from where bullets went flying in Bay City Wednesday evening, May 5.

“I heard some gunshots,” Lum said. “It sounded like somebody was banging on my house here and my granddaughter is 5-years-old. She comes to look out the door and I said, ‘you don’t look out the door like that.’”

Police say the incident happened around 6:40 p.m. near the intersections of Broadway and 27th Street.

“People are crazier than even ever, getting crazier all the time you know,” said Ted Jevicks.

Jevicks lives across the street. Investigators say a 19-year-old man from Saginaw was shot multiple times.

“Instead of having a good old fistfight or something like that they’ll pull a gun now,” Jevicks said.

Authorities say the victim is at a hospital downstate. At last check, he was sedated and in critical condition.

“I hope he gets better and stuff,” Jevicks said. “It makes you wonder who these people they hang around with you know.”

Jevicks says he still feels safe in his neighborhood. The same can’t be said for Nicholas Rule.

“It makes you put your head on a swivel a little bit more,” Rule said.

Investigators say they are actively looking for a person of interest tied to the shooting. For his part, Rule hopes that person is brought in soon.

“It’s not something you’re used to seeing around in Bay City that’s for sure,” Rule said.

As for Lum, she thinks the violence occurring in her community is going to get worse.

“I keep my doors locked when I go in and I keep them locked when I come out,” Lum said. “That’s how bad I’m scared of this neighborhood right now.”

The Bay City Public Safety Department said this is the second shooting this year. The first was on New Year’s Day. Also, there are 32 reports of weapons offenses between January and April of this year, compared to only four during the same time period last year.

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