Heavy rain came through Mid-Michigan on Thursday and rekindled an old issue in a local neighborhood.

Roughly 21 months ago, homeowners in Saginaw Township were plagued with basements flooded with sewage after a torrential rain storm. Thursday night it happened again.

"I looked down my basement and it was coming in," said Paul Perreault, homeowner.

He said he's beyond frustrated about his flooded basement. Especially since the same thing happened just 21 months ago.

"Well, we have so far a $1,200 clean up bill. It's not clean water coming in, it's sewer water," Perreault said.

He isn't the only one dealing with the mess. Almost every house on the street also has a soggy basement.

"It's very, very frustrating. I can't believe this would happen again after we re-did, all of our neighbors have redone their basement and we have to go through this again," said John Hereza, homeowner.

Hereza said he believes the problem isn't just the rain's fault, but the township's sewer system.

"We know it's not Mother Nature. We know that the township pumps are not functioning properly to have this many homes have sewer back-up," Hereza said.

The Saginaw Township manager said the system was working as it should, but with so much rain it was too much for the infrastructure to handle.

A team of engineers are trying to solve the problem for the future.

"When we get a lot of rain going toward the village and down toward Tittabawassee River, the 60 inch pipe gets surcharged and the water can't get into the pipe and flows back," said Rob Grose, township manager.

Grose said he understands why the residents in the neighborhood near Center and Gratiot Road are frustrated.

"I get it. We want to try to fix this situation and make sure it doesn't happen again," Grose said.

For Perreault, he said he'll be spending the next week cleaning his basement and he'll believe the infrastructure improvements when he sees it.

"With government, I don't believe it. They're not going to spend any money on us," he said.

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