Flooded Eastlawn Cemetery

A local family is demanding action after they say a cemetery has left their veteran father’s grave in terrible condition.

Family members said an area of Eastlawn Cemetery in Saginaw is constantly flooding and freezing, causing damage to their father’s grave marker.

“It’s disheartening. I mean, my family both served in the military. My grandpa is a World War II vet. I got World War II vets buried next to my dad. And this is how they’re treated,” said Brandon Carter.

Carter said he has had to visit his father and grandfather at their watery grave for years. He said he has reached out to the people who run the cemetery, but he hasn’t gotten very far.

“They just keep telling me they’re working on a plan and they’ll get to it when they can get to it,” Carter said.

What makes these family members even more upset is there is a ditch just a stone’s throw away from their loved one’s final resting place.

“This little corner here, put in some sewer drains and some pots. Drain it to the ditch and be done with it,” said John Rogoszewski.

Rogoszewski’s grandfather and step-dad are both buried at the cemetery. He wanted his gravesite to be next to the late pair, but after seeing the soggy state of this burial ground he is not so sure.

“I did have plans on being buried out here, but this is actually making me second guess it. I mean, it would be terrible to not be with my step-dad and my grandfather,” Rogoszewski said.

As for Carter, he said he can’t understand why anyone would think it’s OK to have plots submerged in water. He has a message for Midwest Memorial Group, the owners of Eastlawn Cemetery.

“We’ve paid the money to be buried here. These people have paid their dues to this country. I want to see you guys step up and correct the issue. Put some money and some pride in your cemetery and resolve the issue to make families happy,” Carter said.

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