State high court won't hear Mateen Cleaves sex assault case

Mateen Cleaves (Source: Wayne County Prosecutor's Office)

The alleged victim in the sexual assault trial against former Michigan State University basketball star Mateen Cleaves testified on Wednesday that police favored Cleaves.

On Thursday, first responders took the stand to give their side of the story.

Officer Todd Johnson was one of the first responders on the scene who interviewed both the alleged victim and Cleaves.

Prosecution Attorney Lisa Lindsey questioned Johnson about how he handled the situation as she showed dashcam video from that night.

“Would it have been in better practice to turn down your radio so perhaps you could hear what people were saying,” Lindsey asked Johnson.

Johnson told the courtroom he should have turned down his radio while interviewing Cleaves and other witnesses at the Mundy Township hotel.

The officer added he didn’t initially take any statements or write a police report.

Lindsey previously stated she believes police favored Cleaves and didn’t take the alleged victim seriously.

“You undertook some action there that night,” Lindsey asked Johnson.

“I did,” Johnson responded.

“And based on how you handled the situation, did you receive discipline for the way you handled the situation,” Lindsey asked.

“Yes,” Johnson responded.

“Did you receive discipline in the way you handled the rules of reporting,” Lindsey asked.

“Yes,” Johnson responded.

Lindsey also questioned Johnson’s empathy towards the alleged victim, adding he briefly interviewed Cleaves outside of the motel, didn’t give him a breathalyzer and also did nothing to console the woman.

“She was wearing pants and a bra. And do you think it might’ve made her feel more comfortable if you gave her a towel to cover herself or something like that,” Lindsey asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Johnson responded.

“Did you do anything like that to make her feel comfortable,” Lindsey asked.

“I didn’t, no,” Johnson responded.

On TV5 news at 6 p.m., you will hear from the defense as they questioned Johnson about how he handled the situation.

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