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Some Saginaw County residents may have to boil their water before cooking their Thanksgiving meal.

Richland Township officials performed work on the water main system on Wednesday, Nov. 21, causing water to be shut off for some residents.

The water has since been restored, but the area is under a “Notice to Boil Water” until it can be cleared and tested.

Officials said because of the water main lowering, there could be a loss of water pressure. Whenever a water system loses pressure for a significant amount of times, precautions must be taken.

The impacted area includes: Wilson Street – Cherry to N. Pine and N. Maple from Thomas North to the Dead end including Ault Street and the middle school.

The township says this impacts about 30 residents.

Hemlock resident Debra McLeod is anxious about her Thanksgiving holiday. She believes it was a rather inconsiderate way of addressing such a serious issue right before the holiday.

"Yesterday I came home about 6 o'clock and you know it was stashed in my door," McLeod said.

Saginaw County Public Works Commissioner Brian Wendling said the reason it's happening now is because of the nearby school district.

"The school expressed that they were very capable and willing to operate during a recommended water boil, however would not be allowed to operate during a shutoff. As a result, it was determined that the best time for the shutoff would be when the school was not in session. Although an inconvenience for many homeowners, an inconvenience that was going to happen at some point in time anyway, everyone involved and providing input felt that this would be far less of an inconvenience than to impact the entire Hemlock School District as well," Wendling said.

He also expressed sympathy for McLeod and her situation. He said this decision was not taken lightly.

McLeod still thinks more should have been done to avoid the holiday inconvenience for her neighborhood.

"It's 30 families. Yeah, I get that. Maybe it's a small number to them, but we're 30 families that matter," she said.

If you have further questions or concerns with regards to this notice, please contact us at the Richland Township Administration Building: 989-642-2097.

You can also read the release from the township by clicking here.

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