GENERIC: Snow plow, storm

Mid-Michigan is expected to get a few inches of snow but some areas are getting more than others.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is already preparing to combat this winter storm in order to make your morning commute as smooth as possible.

"I didn't have no clue what was coming tomorrow, none what so ever," said Saginaw resident Anthony Jackson.

Jackson was not the only Saginaw resident unaware of a snow storm heading toward Mid-Michigan.

Many we spoke with were surprised by the news.

Robin Wise says he's happy to get some fishing in before the storm because once the river is ice covered, he's done!

"If I haven't caught what I want about time the ice gets on the water… Mejiers, Walmart. I cheat,” Wise said.

Well cheating the storm will not be an option as most Mid-Michigan residents will see between 2 to 4 inches of snow Monday while parts of the thumb could see upwards of 8 inches.

So, preparation is key.

Wise said he’ll be "putting on some heavy clothes and just getting ready for it."

Jiovahn Davis from Saginaw said he’ll be layering too.

"Just wearing extra clothes, double up make sure you're warm," Davis said.

While residents are preparing for the snow by keeping warm, MDOT said they have work crews out Sunday, ahead of the storm.

"They're watching the weather patterns and then they also look at what the roads doing,” said Kimberly Zimmer from MDOT Operations. “If it’s starting to get icy do they need to call crews in to start salting? Or if we get heavy accumulation do we need to come in and start removing snow?"

Zimmer said that safety is priority number one, so to motorists just be mindful that trucks are on the roads.

"I would recommend cars maintaining at least 6 to 10 car lanes behind a snow plow truck driver,” Zimmer said. “There’s a lot going on in the truck and they have a limited build a vision."

MDOT also advises motorists to allow extra time getting to your location.

Advice Jackson said he'll take.

"if you got to be there at six just, try to leave a little bit earlier because you don't want to be speeding and cause an accident," he said.

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