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A family is asking for help after their cat was found paralyzed from what’s believed to be a pellet gun shooting.

A family is asking for help after their cat was found paralyzed from what’s believed to be a pellet gun shooting.

“We always called him Garfield because he’s a really big orange cat he loves to eat. He's super friendly,” said Brittany Bills

26-year-old Bills' cat Carrots went missing Saturday in Saginaw. At first, she didn’t think anything of it.

“We’ve lived there for about three years, so he always goes through the neighborhood he kind of knows our neighbors,” she said.

But Carrots never came home, and Bills had a trip to Florida planned. So, she went. Carrots was found four days later.

“My landlord is actually the one that found him and said that he was home, but he was sitting at the bottom of our stairs because his back legs obviously didn’t work,” Bills said.

Her mother took him to the vet...and later discovered why carrots couldn't move his back legs

“They did x-rays and said that somebody had shot him and hit him in the spine, so it paralyzed him in the back,” she said.

They believe he was shot with a pellet gun but have no idea who did this and why.

“We were really upset the kids were upset,” Bills said.

Carrots has had multiple trips to the vet with more planned in the future for his recovery. There’s also the possibility that he ends up in a special wheelchair. The costs adding up, causing this family to create a go fund me page for help.

“It would mean a lot to us,” Bills said.

As for Carrots he had a catheter installed today and is resting. You can donate to Carrots recovery fund here.

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(1) comment

Bill C.

I don't in any way condone what happened to this poor cat, but the law against allowing cats to run free in this city exists to protect *them*. The owners should be fined, and if they keep allowing their pets to run free they should have those pets taken away from them and not be allowed to own any. Laws are for everyone, and they are not optional. Disregarding the law is disrespectful to your community and puts those who the law is there to protect at risk. In this case, the cat they claim to love.

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