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Saginaw County is reporting more than 700 people have recovered from COVID-19.

The Saginaw County Health Department is reporting a total of 1,311 COVID-19 cases, 121 deaths, and 722 recoveries. That's no new deaths since July 8 reporting numbers.

Those numbers are as of Friday, July 10.

The health department stopped including the total number of tests performed, the number of pending tests, and the number of negative tests.

The department also said they will not name businesses where employees or customers tested positive for COVID-19 if investigation reveals no potential for direct contact with the public--meaning less than six feed for more than 15 minutes without a mask. If the investigation results in the inability to identify direct close contacts of a positive case, the public would be notified.

The Saginaw County Health Department considers someone recovered if: 

  • 72 hours without fever (without using fever reducing medications), and
  • Improved symptoms, and
  • Seven days since first onset of symptoms.

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(2) comments


This article is at best incomplete and, in my opinion, misleading! Let's accept your numbers: 632 reported cases, 56 deaths, 79 RECOVERIES...that's it? What is happening to the other 497 cases? They can't all be in the hospital. We don't know if they are still sick? we don't know if they recovered? Come on, please do the hard work of more than a headline and a few sentences. This can't be considered news.


Brianna, Why are the number of pending tests so persistently high in Saginaw. How many days are tests pending on average? Saginaw's # of tests seem to be stuck at 500 pending for the past week and persistently a high number of pending tests.

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