GENERIC: Road closed to traffic

Thomas Township Public Safety said the State Street Bridge has reopened two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane for traffic.

The bridge on M-52 in St. Charles is also open, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation. 

The Saginaw County Road Commission is maintaining an interactive map to help navigate around the several closures throughout the county.

Below is a list of the Saginaw County roads with water over the road, or those that are closed.


• Schroeder between Brennan and Hemlock (Brant Twp)


• Carrollton Rd between Maple Ridge and Tittabawassee (Carrollton Twp)
• Colvin between Steele and Chapin (Marion Twp)
Closed to through traffic due to a cross culvert failure
• Fordney Rd between Frost and Dice (Richland Twp) closed to thru traffic
Open to emergency vehicles
Closed to ALL thru traffic
• Hermansau Rd between Shattuck and McCarty (Saginaw Twp)
Closed to thru traffic - WATER OVER THE ROAD
Open to emergency vehicles ONLY
• Kennely Rd between Summerfeldt and Frost (Thomas Twp)
• Moore Rd between Tom Cresswell and Mower (Spaulding Twp)
• S Miller at Hart Rd (James Twp)
• Raucholz Rd between Brant and Ring (Brant Twp - due to high water)
• River Rd from Gratiot to State St (Thomas Twp - water over the road)
Closed to thru traffic until further notice
Open to emergency vehicles ONLY
• River Rd between Dutch and Ederer (James Twp)
• River Rd between Pierce and Wilkinson (Tittabawasse Twp)
Closed to thru traffic
• Schroeder between Fordney and Oakley (Brant Twp)
• Trinklein to Gratiot (James/Thomas Twp)
• Dehmel Rd between Birch Run and Burt (Birch Run Twp)
Closed to thru traffic including emergency vehicles
Will be closed until further notice as of 03/12/2020
• Crego Blvd between North Rd & Sears St (Buena Vista Twp)
Closed to all vehicles until further notice as of 2/12/2020

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