A major jolt to a Mid-Michigan family as their home was blown wide open by an out-of-control SUV.

Now they have to find a new place to live and their neighbors wonder what will happen to the home.

The vehicle struck the building at the southwest corner of Davenport Avenue and North Carolina Street.

"My son comes busting in my room and says mom the neighbor's house got hit," said Joan Ferchau, a neighbor to the home struck by the vehicle.

The house was hit so badly its owner says it'll have to be demolished.

Between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 5, an out of control SUV slammed into the home.

It took out most of the living room, leaving a gaping hole that anyone can see just passing by.

Ferchau has lived next door for almost six years.

"They came up went between the rock and the porch took the whole side of their home out and they've only been here maybe less than a year," Ferchau said.

The damage didn't stop at the first house though. Bricks were sprayed all across the lawn and actually hit Ferchau's window.

But a broken window was the least of her worries. 

Ferchau said her neighbors are a young couple with a dog.

"I was worried about the kids not to be rude I didn't give a dang about the house or that window because there's four young people that live there and I just wanted to make sure the kids were OK," Ferchau said.

Shortly after police arrived, Ferchau said she spoke with her neighbor who said no one in the house was injured.

"I hope the kids the best of luck, I hope they can fix it and move back because they seem like quite a nice young couple," Ferchau said.

TV5 spoke with the residents in the home who say they're still in shock by what happened.

"We could have been there, that's the scary thing, that's what is traumatizing me even more than the actual crash itself," said Ryan Ryan Waters.

Waters is reliving the trauma he and his girlfriend experienced on Saturday morning.

He said he wasn't home at the time, but his girlfriend called him in a panic, just having been in the living room five minutes before the horrific crash.

"She was distraught, didn't know what happened, cause she was in the bedroom at the time, just had smoke pouring underneath the door, she just didn't know, she didn't know if it was a fire or something," Water said.

Not a fire, but the extent of damage caused by this crash was just as devastating.

The house is boarded up now.

Waters is just thankful his girlfriend and dogs were not harmed.

"Cause I wouldn't have been here and my girlfriend could have died, I could have come home to a dead girlfriend, dead dogs," Waters said.

The homeowner said this is not the first time a car has hit this house.

In fact, a bolder was put near the house after a car hit the house a few years ago.

"A truck had actually plowed into the front of his living room here," Waters said.

The prior home owner pulled up to the house while TV5 was there.

He did not want to go on camera, but said that truck barley missed hitting his wife and plowed through his front window back in 2003.

He said he's been working to get the house demolished because it sits at a very dangerous intersection.

He fears someone will get hurt, maybe even killed.

Water unfortunately did not have renters insurance so he and his girlfriend are just trying to pick up the pieces and find a safe home to live in.

The condition of the driver is unknown and the crash remains under investigation.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help them get through this emergency.

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We have lived a block away from the house that was hit for 40 years and are witness to the many times it has been hit.

I am very interested in WHO was driving the SUV? Were they injured? Was a ticket issued? Please give us a little more detail!

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