Saginaw House Party Shooting

The investigation continues after an early morning shooting at a Saginaw house party left one dead and four others injured.

Investigators are identifying the man who was killed in a shooting that broke out at a Saginaw house party.

Police say 29-year-old Demarco Baskin from Saginaw is dead and four others are were injured in the early Monday morning shooting.

The gunfire rang out on Saginaw's south side just before 2 a.m. sending partygoers scrambling for cover and police scrambling for answers.

What started as a birthday bash became a barrage of bullets.

“Liquor everywhere, probably running from their lives, don’t know where it’s coming from,” the homeowner said.

“Cars we’re going everywhere, driving over lawns,” said Saginaw Police Detective Sgt. Matt Gerow.

Deedrick Lowe lives next door to the home on Randolph Street in southeast Saginaw.

“It shook me up,” Lowe said.

When the gunfire started Lowe and his wife were home and dropped to the ground afraid of getting hit by stray bullets.

“I’m getting ready to move. I’m feeling unsafe in this neighborhood,” Lowe said.

The person who owns the home where the birthday party was being held did not want to be identified.

She said she rents the home out for events like this party.

“I don’t want this to happen to nobody. To nobody’s children. It’s a lot to think about right now,” the homeowner said.

Especially since the city has sent a cease and desist order for her event house. She does not have a permit and is trying to figure out safety precautions and if she’ll continue to rent it out.

“At these liquor stores people get shut down every day, when the tape’s off, they’re back in business. We can’t help what goes on outside of the house. Only thing we can control is what goes on inside the house,” the homeowner said.

She tells TV5 the shooters were not at the birthday party but outside of it.

Saginaw police is frustrated because nobody at the party is speaking up about what they saw.

“It’s ridiculous to me that five people are shot, one is dead, and nobody has picked up the phone and said “hey I was at this party and here’s what I saw,’” Gerow said.

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